The Uniqueness of eSignToday Electronic Signature Software

Cheap and Easy
eSignToday electronic signature software is unique because it is cheap and easy for all to use.

Electronic signatures are also known as esignatures. They are becoming more popular because they eliminate the hassles with paper and make the entire signing process fast and efficient. There is a lot of choice when deciding on which electronic signature software to use. eSignToday is unique because it is cheap and easy for individuals and businesses to use.

eSignToday is Cheap

Compared to others, eSignToday electronic signature software has unique pricing. eSignToday charges a flat fee of $0.50/esignature for documents actually esigned. Now, some would say, “Wow, that service is really affordable.” Others are more blunt and say, “Boy, that esignature service is cheap!” With eSignToday, there are no monthly fees. And the fee that you pay is simply 50 cents for every signature you need. There are no minimum requirements. If you only need one signature a year, you will pay $0.50 a year. That’s it.

eSignToday is Easy

Now, of course, every esignature software is going to claim that their tool is easy to use. Most will be hard pressed to find an easier service to use than eSignToday. Seriously. With eSignToday, you upload your own document. After that, you provide the email addresses for those that need to sign the document. Each recipient esigns on their own device, and all the signatures appear on the last page of the document. That’s it. There is no “dragging and dropping” of fields to complete or templates to follow.

eSignToday electronic signature software is available to businesses and individuals. It’s flat fee pricing makes it affordable and fair to pay for what you need. And its simplicity and focus on just esignatures make eSignToday really easy to use. Set up a free account today!

Going Green with Electronic Signatures

Going Green with Electronic Signatures
Going green with electronic signatures is one step we can make that can result in real time and cost savings.

Embracing sustainability and preserving the environment have become important missions for organizations and individuals. To reduce the effects of global warming, we are trying to discover eco-friendly solutions. Going green with electronic signatures is one step we can take and also results in cost and time savings.

Electronic Signatures Save Paper

Going green with electronic signatures eliminates printers and papers. When we reduce paper, we also remove filing cabinets and the physical space paper requires. Eliminating paper is good for the environment as it saves trees. Additionally, the electronic nature of electronic documents makes storage and document filing easier. Accessing electronic documents online is a lot easier when you are not confined to a physical filing cabinet potentially located thousands of miles away.

and They Eliminate Travel

Electronic signature software enables you to sign documents where ever you are. For example, with eSignToday, you just need a device connected to the internet to esign a document. With esignatures, you eliminate the need to travel which saves the environment on a lot of different fronts: transportation emissions, travel time, and travel costs are just a few to mention.

Electronic Signature Software Solves Problems

Electronic signature software solves problems
Electronic signature software is good technology that can solve problems.

Technology can be a good thing and a bad thing. For the most part, technology makes our lives easier as it can save us time and eliminate headaches. The flip side of technology is that it can be hard to use or understand . . . sometimes. As a relatively “new” technology, electronic signature software solves problems . . . a good thing.

Problem: No Printer

Most individuals today do not own a printer. The advancements with the smartphone and related apps have trended towards a paperless world. In fact, many have given up laptops or desktops and solely use their smartphone or tablet as their computing device. If you have a document that needs signed and you don’t have a printer, then electronic signature software becomes a solution to meet your need. With most esignature software, you either create your document or upload your document within the software. From there, you can electronically send your document for signatures. This process eliminates the need for a printer.

Problem: No Time to Meet

If you need at least one signature from someone other than yourself, then you need to figure out a way to get that signature. Meeting in person takes time and effort. Mailing and waiting to receive a signed copy takes time and effort. Electronic signature software solves this problem of the time required to gather signatures. For example, with eSignToday, you simply list the email addresses of those who need to sign your document. Once sent, people can sign on their phones when it is convenient for them and without taking your time to meet. And once signed, all parties receive a signed document for their records.

The next time you have a document that needs signed, consider using electronic signature software. There is a lot of choice available with this technology. You will save time and eliminate headaches . . . making your life easier!

A Great Esign Feature: Automatic Reminders

esign feature automatic reminders
We all need reminders. eSignToday has a great feature – automatic reminders!

At eSignToday, we constantly look for ways to make the esignature process better, while keeping our system super simple to use. We recently added a great esign feature: automatic reminders.

People Procrastinate

It is true. We all forget to do things. We understand human nature. However, don’t worry, at eSignToday, we have everyone’s back!

With eSignToday, if someone does not sign your document, then we send them an email reminder after three days and then again after six days. These reminders are automatic – a built-in part of the eSignToday process.

A Great Esign Process with Automatic Reminders

At eSignToday, we looked at reasons why esigning isn’t more common. We found out:

  • It is too expensive.
  • It is too complicated – esigning a Word document should take seconds.

Because we saw these issues, we built a better esign service. eSignToday charges an inexpensive flat rate of $0.50/esignature instead of a monthly fee that discourages small users. Best of all, we keep things simple. Our system guides you through a few simple steps where you upload your document and enter the email address of the folks who need to sign.

Sign up for our service at!

Electronic Signatures for Bills of Sale

Bill of Sale
Electronic signatures for bills of sale have made the document completion process fast and easy.

A bill of sale is a document to record the transfer of ownership of an item between parties. Traditionally it is written by the seller, although the buyer can provide one if the seller does not. Most contain details of the sale including item sold, names of buyer and seller, purchase price, sale date, and signatures of both parties. Electronic signatures for bills of sale have made the document completion process fast and easy.

Electronic Signatures to the Rescue

One of the most common uses for a bill of sale is with vehicle purchases between private parties. It is relatively easy for one party to draw up the bill of sale. Probably the most time consuming aspect with a bill of sale is getting signatures. In a paper based world, the seller would need to have access to a printer, print the bill, and then find time to meet with the buyer for his/her signature. This is a time consuming process and requires a printer, which many people today do not have. And if both parties are not in the same area, it takes more effort to coordinate the signing process.

Electronic signatures for bills of sale have greatly improved the signing process making it easier and faster. Once the bill of sale is written, the seller can use esignature software to sign the bill and send it for the buyer’s signature. The buyer can sign on any device and once signed, all parties have a copy for their records. Electronic signatures eliminate the needs for a printer and an in-person meeting saving everyone time.

There is a lot of electronic signature software to choose from, and they vary based on price and complexity. For example, DocuSign is good if you need a lot of signatures while eSignToday is affordable electronic signature software where you only pay $0.50 for each signature. Find the best solution for your bills of sale and start saving time!

COVID-19 Pandemic Made Us Work Smarter

Work Smarter
The COVID-19 pandemic has made us work smarter and more efficiently.

2020 is a year we will never forget. The COVID-19 pandemic was and continues to be a devastating event that claimed lives and forced us to live and work like never before. The changes we have made because of the pandemic have made us work smarter and more efficiently in a lasting manner.

Work Smarter & Save Time

The pandemic forced most people to work from home. This remote working meant we gained time because travel for work was eliminated. With less travel and with working from home, there were fewer trips spent for things like gas, dry cleaning, and lunches. In fact, some employees found themselves working more productively from home!

Work Smarter & Technology Wins

One result from the pandemic is our reliance on technology. That reliance is a good thing because that technology enabled us to work from home and be productive in a safe environment. For example, video conferencing like Zoom became a constant presence. It allowed us to stay visually in touch with our coworkers and customers. Electronic signature software like eSignToday allowed us to keep businesses running without the need to physically meet in person. We no longer needed to rely on old fashioned pen and paper to get work done.

By adapting to change and the challenges brought by the pandemic, we learned how to work smarter. Technology helped and continues to help us along the way in making us be smart and efficient with our time.

Helpful Tools for Small Businesses

Tools for Small Businesses
There are many helpful tools that make running a small business easier.

Starting a business is not easy. Managing the day to day activity while trying to grow the business is not easy either. With today’s modern technology and innovative minds, there are many helpful tools for small businesses to make their lives easier. Here are a few to mention:

Accounting/Bookkeeping Tools

Keeping track of income and expenses is important for two primary reasons. First, you need this information to complete income taxes every year. Second, this information will give you an idea of how well your business is doing – Do you have profits? Are you growing? There is a variety of accounting tools available for small businesses. Some are free and focus on a target market like, which caters to landlords and rental property. Some are expensive but applicable to any business like QuickBooks. Whatever accounting tool you choose, know that this tool is pretty important and helpful, especially if you can run reports that summarize how your business is operating.

Communication Tools

Communicating with customers and employees is important. How you communicate and the ease in which you communicate can make running your business easier. Email is pretty standard and in many respects becoming more popular than telephone. Similar to accounting tools, there is a lot of choice with email providers. One of the most popular email providers is Google’s Gmail. For businesses, Google Workspace consolidates a number of tools, such as email and storage, enabling you to better manage operating your business.

Similar to email, electronic signatures are another paperless communication tool that can streamline your business. Whether you need signatures from employees or from customers, using electronic signature software will save everyone time. There are some esignature tools that charge a low flat fee like eSignToday and some that charge a recurring monthly fee like DocuSign.

The tools available make running a small business easier. Some are free and some are well worth the cost. Nevertheless, there is a lot of choice, and finding those that best fits your needs will put you on the road to running a successful business.

Esign Software Killer App: Many Signatures

Esign Software killer app: Many Signatures
Esign Software Makes Many Signatures Easy

In technology, a “killer app” is a use of a new technology that is far and away better than what existed before. With esign software, the “killer app” is the way many signatures can be handled quickly and effortlessly.

Many Signatures are A Lot of Work with Paper

When more people need to sign a document, the work to manage the signatures grows exponentially. Two signatures is relatively easy. When eleven signatures are required, it is a full time job getting paper to all eleven signers! Think of all the time spent mailing or carrying a document to different signers.

Wait! How likely is a document to have eleven signers? You’d be surprised how common multiple signers is. At eSignToday (an affordable esignature service), we witness leases and other legal documents with double-digit signatures all the time.

With leases, there can be many roommates occupying a large house. With business contracts, often many folks from different divisions need to sign.

Esign Software Makes Many Signatures Effortless

Why are multiple signatures so much easier to handle with esignature software? Using our eSignToday software as an example, with esign software:

  • Everyone signs when it is convenient. There is no one piece of paper to pass around. With eSignToday, people can sign on their smartphones!
  • Everyone receives a copy of the fully signed document. Everyone’s eSignToday online account contains the final signed document. No printers are required. What a time saver!

There are many great aspects of using esign software. The “killer app” of esign software, however, is handling documents with many signatures!

Are esignatures legal?

Are esignatures legal?
Yes, in most cases esignatures are legal!

Electronic document signing is fast and easy. It has come in particularly handy during the COVID-19 pandemic where physical distancing is important so signing in person becomes less of an option. However, many people have a nagging concern. Are esignatures really legal?

Yes, they are. They have been the legal equivalent of pen and paper for a surprisingly long time.

E-Sign Act of 2000

In the United States, the Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act (the “E-Sign Act”) became law in 2000. This law made electronic signatures just as good as their paper equivalents.

Twenty years, later, esignature adoption is rampant. In the United States, taxpayers e-file the majority of tax returns. The IRS accepts esignatures on tax filings.

Esignature Laws Globally

Globally, countries have passed their own laws on the legality of esignatures. In many cases, esignatures are accepted as the equivalent of paper signatures.

Check with your own country’s laws on the specifics involving esignatures. For example, like the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand allow esignatures to be used in almost every case.

Esignatures are Safe, Legal, and Convenient

Esignatures are legal and save time. With services like eSignToday, esignature services are cheap (only $0.50/esignature) and easy to use. There is no reason not to start using esignatures today!

Esignature Service for Individuals

Esignature Service for Individuals
Individuals can use an esignature service for their signing needs.

In the beginning, most electronic signature software was geared towards businesses. The real estate industry was one of the first adopters of esignatures due to the number of documents that needed to be signed. Today, there is a lot of choice and variety of esignature services. Most are still geared towards businesses, but there are some that can be a good fit for individuals. Frequency and complexity come into play when addressing the needs of individuals versus those of a business.

Few Signatures

Compared to businesses, most individuals may need just a few signatures a year. For example, if you want to sell your car, you may want to draw up a bill of sale where the buyer and you sign it to confirm the transaction. Most electronic signature software charges users on a monthly basis whether you use the esignature service or not. For example, DocuSign‘s least expensive paid plan is $10/month, which is overkill for an individual who only needs one or two signatures a year. On the other hand, eSignToday charges a flat rate of $0.50/esignature. So there is inexpensive affordable esign software available for individuals.

Keep it Simple

Esignatures require users to be comfortable with technology. Most esignature services require the use of the Internet and email at a minimum. Since most individuals typically need just a few signatures a year, having the ability to use their own document and needing only a signature makes the process so much simpler. Some esignature services like RightSignature enable users to create fields within documents which can lead to complexity. Other services like eSignToday only provide signatures and nothing else. The simpler the service, the easier it is for individuals to use.

As individuals realize their need for signatures, many of the electronic signature software is available for individual use. Finding an esignature service that is cost effective and easy to use are wins for individuals and their needs.