Benefits of Electronic Signatures

It’s hard to ignore the benefits of electronic signatures for businesses, customers, and even the planet.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses are constantly seeking ways to achieve efficiency by streamlining processes. One revolutionary solution that has gained momentum in recent years is electronic signatures. They are also known as “esignatures“. Embracing the benefits of electronic signatures not only modernizes workflow processes but also enhances efficiency and security.

Streamline Workflow

Electronic signatures eliminate the need for physical paperwork, reducing the time-consuming process of printing, signing, scanning, and mailing documents. With just a few clicks, documents can be signed and returned promptly, significantly expediting the workflow.

Enhanced Accessibility

Geographical barriers vanish with esignatures. Documents can be signed from anywhere in the world, at any time, on any device. You just need internet access which is about as common as sliced bread these days. This accessibility facilitates smoother collaboration among stakeholders, regardless of their location, leading to faster decision-making processes.

Cost Savings

Say goodbye to expenses associated with printing, postage, and storage of paper documents. Electronic signatures not only reduce paper consumption but also minimize administrative costs, resulting in substantial savings for businesses in the long run.

Legal Validity

Electronic signatures are legally binding in most jurisdictions worldwide, provided they meet certain criteria outlined in relevant legislation, such as the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) in the United States. This legality eliminates concerns about the enforceability of electronically signed documents.

Environmental Sustainability

By transitioning to electronic signatures, businesses contribute to environmental conservation efforts by reducing their carbon footprint. The reduction in paper usage and transportation associated with traditional signing methods helps preserve natural resources and mitigates the environmental impact of business operations.

The adoption of electronic signatures represents a significant step towards modernizing business operations. By harnessing the benefits of electronic signatures, organizations can achieve greater efficiency, cost savings, and security while contributing to environmental sustainability. Embracing this digital transformation not only streamlines processes but also empowers businesses to thrive in the digital age.

Services Worth Paying For to Help Small Business Owners Thrive

Small business owners don’t have to do everything to be successful. They should outsource some tasks.

In the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship, small business owners often find themselves wearing multiple hats to keep their ventures afloat. From managing operations to marketing and customer service, the to-do list seems endless. However, there comes a point when investing in specialized services becomes not just beneficial but essential for growth and sustainability. Here are services worth paying for to help small business owners thrive, streamline operations, and propel business to new heights:

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Keeping track of finances is crucial for any business, but it can be overwhelming for small business owners with limited time and expertise. Hiring professional accounting and bookkeeping services ensures accurate financial records, timely tax filings, and strategic financial planning. In many cases, the accountant can act as the bookkeeper saving the business owner time in filling these roles independently.

Website Design & Development

Your website is often the first impression customers have of your business, so it’s essential to make it count. Investing in professional website design and development ensures a user-friendly interface, mobile responsiveness, and an aesthetic that reflects your brand identity.

IT Support & Cybersecurity

As cyber threats continue to evolve, safeguarding your business data is paramount. IT support services can provide technical assistance, system maintenance, and cybersecurity measures to protect from potential breaches and downtime.

Virtual Assistant Services

Small business owners juggle numerous tasks daily, leaving little time for strategic planning and growth initiatives. Virtual assistant services offer administrative support, email management, scheduling, and other routine tasks, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on high-priority activities. Something as simple as an electronic signature service like eSignToday can save the small business owner time. And at just $0.50 per signature, eSignToday is a cheap esignature service.

While these services require financial investment, the long-term benefits far outweigh the costs. By outsourcing specialized tasks to experts, small business owners can save time, reduce stress, and position their businesses for success. There is no question the services worth paying for to help small business owners thrive are invaluable.

ESignature Service Pricing: Recurring vs Pay as Needed

If you only need a few signatures, consider esignature services with pay as needed pricing.

Electronic signatures are also know as esignatures. They are the solution for fast and easy signing because they eliminate delays and enable anyone to sign while on the move. People can sign on a phone, tablet, or laptop.  Esignatures are also environmentally friendly as they eliminate printers and paper. There is a lot of different esignature software to choose from, and each esignature service pricing can vary. Let’s take a look at how:


Most of the electronic signature services requires a monthly subscription. For example, DocuSign starts at $10 per month for a single user and limits the number of documents for signage to five per month. Another popular service is Adobe. It’s esignature service pricing is also based on a monthly subscription. With subscription based pricing, you pay a fee on a recurring basis whether you use the service or not. So if you need a lot of esignatures on a regular basis, then an esignature service with a recurring subscription may work for you.

Pay as Needed

In contrast to recurring pricing, pay as needed means that you only pay when you need the service. So with some electronic signature services, if there are months when you do not use the service, you are not charged anything. For example, eSignToday charges $0.50 for each esignature. There is no recurring pricing, so it is a good choice for anyone who doesn’t need many documents signed on a regular basis.

Individuals Benefit from Electronic Signatures too

Electronic signatures are beneficial to individuals, too.

In an era where everything is going digital, from shopping to communication, it’s no surprise that even signatures are getting a high-tech makeover. The days of pen and paper signatures are gradually becoming a thing of the past, thanks to the rise of electronic signature options for individuals. This transformation not only streamlines processes but also brings efficiency and convenience to the forefront. In addition to businesses large and small, individuals benefit from electronic signatures, too.

Embracing the Shift to Electronic Signatures

Gone are the days of printing out documents, signing them, and scanning them back into your computer. With esignature solutions, individuals can sign documents with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for physical paperwork. This not only saves time but also reduces the environmental impact of traditional paper-based processes.

Enhanced Security Measures

One might wonder about the security of electronic signatures. Advanced encryption techniques and authentication processes ensure that your digital signature is just as secure, if not more so, than its handwritten counterpart. Additionally, many electronic signature solutions comply with industry regulations and standards to provide users with peace of mind.

Versatility and Accessibility

Whether you’re signing a lease agreement, a contract, or a tax document, electronic signature options offer unparalleled versatility. These platforms often support various file formats and integrate seamlessly with popular productivity tools, making the signing process efficient and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who are constantly on the move or working remotely.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Adopting electronic signatures can also lead to significant cost savings. The expenses associated with printing, mailing, and storing physical documents can quickly add up. Electronic signature solutions not only reduce these costs but also minimize the risk of errors that may occur during manual data entry.

Several electronic signature platforms cater to individual users, offering user-friendly interfaces and a range of features. Unlike DocuSign, eSignToday is one of the affordable electronic signature options for individuals. Signatures are only $0.50 each, and there is no monthly subscription. So you only pay for signatures you need and when you need them. Services like eSignToday remind us that individuals benefit from electronic signatures, too.

Tips to Make Landlording Easier

Simple tips can make landlording fun instead of a headache.

Being a landlord can be a rewarding venture, but it’s not without its challenges. From finding the right tenants to handling maintenance requests, the responsibilities can quickly add up. To make landlording easier, consider these tips:

Automation to Make Landlording Easier

The more tasks landlords can automate, the easier life is. Starting with leases, landlords should spend the money and use an electronic signature service. Even with a cheap and easy service like eSignToday, landlords can save a lot of time by having tenants esign leases. You eliminate meetings and paper. Everyone who needs to sign can sign at their convenience. And at $0.50 a signature, the time saved is a no brainer.

Online rent payment is another automated task that saves landlords time. Rent is directly deposited thus eliminating trips to the bank.


Landlords should spend money on services that will save them time such as tenant screening and property management. One of the most critical aspects of landlording is selecting reliable tenants. Proper screening can help you avoid future issues. Using a great tenant screening service saves time in the short run with filling a vacancy and in the long run with having a long standing tenant. This diligence in the screening process can save you from headaches down the road.

If you’re tight on time (everyone is), consider hiring a property manager. You can decide if you want a property manager to do all landlording chores or just a select number to save on money and interest. Even for just a few items, a property manager can relieve some stress and save you time by reducing some administrative burdens.

Remember that landlording doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By implementing these tips, you can make landlording easier and more manageable. From automation to outsourcing, these tips will help you navigate the world of landlording with confidence and success.

Sign a PDF with an Electronic Signature

Use eSignToday to sign a PDF for cheap – just $0.50 a signature.

In our increasingly digital world, signing documents no longer requires printing, scanning, or physically mailing them. Electronic signatures have become a game-changer. They simplify the process of signing documents, like PDFs. We’ll walk you through the steps to sign a PDF with an electronic signature using the cheap service, eSignToday, at just $0.50 a signature.

Why Esignatures Matter

Electronic signatures offer several advantages over traditional paper-based methods:

  1. Convenience: Sign documents from anywhere, at any time, using any device with an internet connection.
  2. Time-Saving: Eliminate the need for printing, scanning, and mailing documents, reducing the time it takes to complete transactions.
  3. Cost-Effective & Sustainable: Save money on paper, ink, and postage, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Use eSignToday to Sign a PDF with an Electronic Signature

eSignToday is a cheap user-friendly platform that simplifies the process of signing PDFs with electronic signatures. Here’s how you can use it:

  1. Create a Free Account: You’ll need to provide your name and email address and create a password.
  2. Upload Your PDF: After logging in, you can easily upload your PDF document you want to sign. In addition to PDFs, eSignToday supports other file formats, like Google docs and Microsoft Word, making it a versatile electronic signature tool.
  3. Add Signers: Provide the email addresses of those who need to sign the document. eSignToday will send them a link to sign the PDF. If you need to sign it, you can indicate that as well.
  4. Receive a Signed Document: eSignToday will email you and the other signers a copy of the fulling signed PDF for your records.

Signing a PDF with an electronic signature is not only efficient but also more cost-effective than traditional methods. With eSignToday, the process is made even simpler, allowing you to sign documents from anywhere, at any time. Say goodbye to the hassles of paper-based signatures and embrace the future of document management with electronic signatures. Sign up for eSignToday today and enjoy a seamless and secure signing experience.

Cheap Electronic Signatures to Pricey Monthly Subscription

eSignToday’s cheap electronic signatures are only $0.50 each!

Electronic signatures are the solution for fast and easy signing because they eliminate delays and enable anyone to sign while on the move. People can sign on a phone, tablet, or laptop.  Electronic signatures are also environmentally friendly as they eliminate printers and paper. There is a lot of choice among electronic signature services from a price standpoint ranging from recurring monthly subscriptions to a flat rate and cheap electronic signatures.

Monthly Subscription

Most of the electronic signature software requires a monthly subscription. For example, DocuSign starts at $10 per month for a single user and limits the number of documents for signage to five per month. Another popular service is Adobe. It’s electronic signature pricing is also based on a monthly subscription. If you need a lot of esignatures on a regular basis, then a monthly subscription may work for you.

Flat Rate: Cheap Electronic Signatures

With a flat rate, you only pay for each signature you need. If there are months during the year when you do not use this service, you are not charged anything. And as you’ve guessed, there is no monthly subscription. eSignToday is a flat rate cheap electronic signature service. It charges $0.50/esignature. Pricing is one simple flat rate. eSignToday is available to anyone who needs a document signed.

How to be a High Tech Landlord

A high tech landlord uses technology for common tasks like signing leases.

Technology can be awesome and intimidating all at the same time. A high tech landlord is one who uses technology to make their lives and tenant lives easier. With smartphones, many tasks are made faster and easier because they can be completed while “on the go”. Tech tools can benefit both landlords and tenants, and here are a few to mention.

High Tech Landlord Advertises Online

Time savings is probably the biggest benefit tenants receive from technology. Starting with a virtual tour of the rental property, tenants (and landlords) save time by eliminating the need to meet in person. Landlords can create a simple video and upload it among other pictures of the rental property on online listing sites like Zillow.

High Tech Landlord Esigns Leases

Moving on to the lease, electronic signatures are another way landlords and tenants benefit from technology. Also known as esignatures, electronic signatures automate a traditionally manual process. They eliminate the need to meet in person to sign paper. In person meetings consume a lot of time. Electronic signature software automates the signing process and saves everyone time. For example, with eSignToday, you simply upload your document (the lease) and then email it to each person who needs to sign it. Each person can sign the lease on their phone wherever they are. A fully signed document where all signatures appear on the last page is available to everyone who has signed it.

Streamlining with Esignatures on Leases

Esignatures on leases are a win win for landlords and tenants.

In an era where digital advancements have revolutionized the way we conduct business, it is no surprise that the real estate industry is also embracing technology to streamline its operations. One such transformation is the adoption of electronic signatures, commonly known as esignatures. The efficiency, convenience, and security of esignatures replace the inefficiency of traditional pen and paper signatures. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of using esignatures on leases and why they are becoming the “go to” choice for landlords and tenants.

Efficiency and Convenience

Printing, scanning, faxing, and mailing lease agreements back and forth is time consuming. With esignatures, tenants can review and sign lease agreements from the comfort of their homes or offices. Esignatures on leases eliminates the need for time-consuming in-person meetings. With cheap esignature tools such as eSignToday, landlords can easily email leases electronically and receive signed copies within minutes, reducing administrative overhead and streamlining workflow. Esignatures save time and resources.

Cost Savings and Environmental Friendliness

The adoption of esignatures on leases generates cost savings to landlords and tenants. Electronic signatures eliminate paper, printing, postage, and physical storage – all of which have a cost. Additionally, the intangible cost of time saved by esignatures enables landlords to focus on other aspects of property management. Moreover, esignatures contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing paper waste and carbon emissions associated with printing and transportation. By embracing digital solutions like esignatures, the real estate industry can actively participate in the global effort towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Legal Validity/Compliance

Most jurisdictions have recognized the legal enforceability of esignatures and have implemented laws and regulations to support their use. In the United States, the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) validate the use of electronic signatures for most transactions, including leases. Similarly, many other countries have their own legislation that supports the use of electronic signatures.

Esignatures on leases have become a game-changer in the real estate industry, offering an efficient, secure, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paper-based signatures. The digital revolution has enabled landlords and tenants to streamline the leasing process and save time and money.

Cheap Electronic Signature Software – Save Money & Paper

Users of cheap electronic signature software save money and paper.

Paper has traditionally played a large presence in our lives. Reports, research, and contracts consume quite a bit of paper at the office. At home, we see piles of paper clutter countertops in the form of mail, newspapers, and homework. With technology today, we really don’t need paper. Reducing our dependency on paper is a good thing. For example, money in the form of cash or checks is paper. The growing use of credit and debit cards is reducing our reliance on paper currency making purchases faster and easier especially in the online world. No different is the world of electronic signatures. This technology is transforming document signing. And cheap electronic signature software is a two fold benefit saving us money and paper.

Saving Paper

Electronic signatures eliminate paper because there is no need to print the document to get a signature. Because the document resides in an electronic format, the storage of the completed document is now electronic and stored in the cloud or on a device like a smartphone or computer.

Saving Money

There are a lot of electronic signature software to choose from. They vary on price and complexity. For example, eSignToday is a cheap electronic signature software that will save you money. It does not charge a monthly fee. Signatures are $0.50 each, and you pay for each signature. Once you start using electronic signature software, you’re on your way to going paperless!