Add Signatures to an emailed PDF

Add Signatures to Emailed PDF
Adding signatures to Emailed PDFs can be super easy!

The PDF file format has been an incredibly useful invention. In 1993, Adobe created the PDF as a way to display text and images independent of software, hardware, and operating system. As time has gone on, however, the PDF has become so widespread that newer uses for it have developed. Among the top new uses is signing contracts. However, does there exist an easy way to add signatures to a PDF that has been emailed to different people?

The Common But Hard Way

For years, we’ve asked people to add signatures to emailed PDFs the hard way. First, one recipient prints the PDF. Next, they sign the printed PDF. Then, they need to scan the PDF and email it the next person who needs to sign it. Finally, the next recipient needs to follow all the above steps again. Frankly, it is tiring just reciting these steps!

The Easy Way to Add Multiple Signatures to a PDF

Fortunately, there are new services that make adding multiple signatures to a PDF much easier. Among the cheapest ($0.50/esignature) and easiest is eSignToday. With eSignToday, the sender of the PDF just uploads it to their eSignToday account and enters the emails of all the signers. Immediately, each signer will get an email with simple instructions to review and esign the document. People can sign in any order, on any convenient device like their iPhone. Without a doubt, using eSignToday ( get started at is a big time saver.