Electronic Signature Software Solves Problems

Electronic signature software solves problems
Electronic signature software is good technology that can solve problems.

Technology can be a good thing and a bad thing. For the most part, technology makes our lives easier as it can save us time and eliminate headaches. The flip side of technology is that it can be hard to use or understand . . . sometimes. As a relatively “new” technology, electronic signature software solves problems . . . a good thing.

Problem: No Printer

Most individuals today do not own a printer. The advancements with the smartphone and related apps have trended towards a paperless world. In fact, many have given up laptops or desktops and solely use their smartphone or tablet as their computing device. If you have a document that needs signed and you don’t have a printer, then electronic signature software becomes a solution to meet your need. With most esignature software, you either create your document or upload your document within the software. From there, you can electronically send your document for signatures. This process eliminates the need for a printer.

Problem: No Time to Meet

If you need at least one signature from someone other than yourself, then you need to figure out a way to get that signature. Meeting in person takes time and effort. Mailing and waiting to receive a signed copy takes time and effort. Electronic signature software solves this problem of the time required to gather signatures. For example, with eSignToday, you simply list the email addresses of those who need to sign your document. Once sent, people can sign on their phones when it is convenient for them and without taking your time to meet. And once signed, all parties receive a signed document for their records.

The next time you have a document that needs signed, consider using electronic signature software. There is a lot of choice available with this technology. You will save time and eliminate headaches . . . making your life easier!