Electronic Signatures for Lease Agreements

Tradition (some call it routine) plays a large role in how we do things even if it’s not an efficient process. While change can be difficult, it can also be highly rewarding to the point that we tell ourselves later, “Self, why didn’t I make that change earlier? My life would have been so much easier!” In today’s era of technology and mobility, landlords are recognizing the benefits of electronic signatures for lease agreements and taking the leap to incorporate them into running a successful rental property business.

Benefit #1: Save Time

Probably the most significant and noticeable benefit for landlords using electronic signatures for lease agreements is the time they will save. With esignatures and online leases, landlords eliminate all of the steps involved with a traditional paper method – printing leases, meeting tenants for signing, making copies for all parties, and filing them in a cabinet. Just the time for travel and meeting tenants for a signature can be significant, especially if landlords do not live near their rental property. With an esignature service like eSignToday, landlords email the lease, tenants esign on their phones, and all parties receive a fully signed lease, which is also automatically stored. Electronic signatures make the entire lease signing process fast, painless, and highly efficient.

Benefit #2: Improve Document Management

Electronically signed lease agreements can easily be stored on your own digital device or in your electronic signature service account. By eliminating paper and going electronic, you have better storage and retrieval. Plus, you save money and help the environment.

Benefit #3: Build Reputation

Just like landlords, tenants also want to make their lives easier. Because esigning a lease agreement is fast and easy, tenants are happy when they can esign on their smartphones while on the move. They don’t have to take time to meet the landlord and wait for a signed copy. Esigning the lease agreement is simple. Happy tenants will recommend their landlord to others, which can lead to fewer vacancies and overall easier landlording.

Take the Leap

When it comes to finding the right electronic signature software for landlords, there is a lot of choice. Factors such as cost and ease of use will help determine which tool to use. Nevertheless, electronic signatures for lease agreements are highly beneficial for landlords looking to save time, improve operational efficiencies, and build strong tenant relationships.