The Uniqueness of eSignToday Electronic Signature Software

Cheap and Easy
eSignToday electronic signature software is unique because it is cheap and easy for all to use.

Electronic signatures are also known as esignatures. They are becoming more popular because they eliminate the hassles with paper and make the entire signing process fast and efficient. There is a lot of choice when deciding on which electronic signature software to use. eSignToday is unique because it is cheap and easy for individuals and businesses to use.

eSignToday is Cheap

Compared to others, eSignToday electronic signature software has unique pricing. eSignToday charges a flat fee of $0.50/esignature for documents actually esigned. Now, some would say, “Wow, that service is really affordable.” Others are more blunt and say, “Boy, that esignature service is cheap!” With eSignToday, there are no monthly fees. And the fee that you pay is simply 50 cents for every signature you need. There are no minimum requirements. If you only need one signature a year, you will pay $0.50 a year. That’s it.

eSignToday is Easy

Now, of course, every esignature software is going to claim that their tool is easy to use. Most will be hard pressed to find an easier service to use than eSignToday. Seriously. With eSignToday, you upload your own document. After that, you provide the email addresses for those that need to sign the document. Each recipient esigns on their own device, and all the signatures appear on the last page of the document. That’s it. There is no “dragging and dropping” of fields to complete or templates to follow.

eSignToday electronic signature software is available to businesses and individuals. It’s flat fee pricing makes it affordable and fair to pay for what you need. And its simplicity and focus on just esignatures make eSignToday really easy to use. Set up a free account today!