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Going Paperless with Esignature Service

Whether we are at home or the office, paper has traditionally played a large presence in our lives. At the office, reports, research, and contracts, for example, consume quite a bit of paper. At home, we see paper clutter countertops in the forms of mail, newspapers, and homework. There are a lot of benefits to […]

Pros and Cons of Electronic Signature

Electronic signatures (also known as esignatures or digital signatures) are gaining popularity as a more convenient method for getting documents signed. Before turning your back on the old fashion way of signing with pen and paper, it’s good practice to understand the pros and cons of electronic signature first. Pro #1: Save Time With electronic […]

Printer not working? Esign Instead!

Printing a document can be frustrating. There are many reasons that your printer might not be working. As an example, it could be out of ink or not connecting to your wifi. If you are printing a document to sign it, using a simple to use “esign service” is a smart way to eliminate your […]

How to Esign a Word Document

Microsoft Word has long been the world’s most popular word processor. Businesses and individuals have drawn up countless contracts with Word. But, how do you esign a Word document? Word Does Not Have Built In Esignatures Microsoft Word does not have built-in esignatures. Microsoft Word was first released in 1983, and – while it has […]

DocuSign Alternatives

As one of the first entrants in the electronic signature market, DocuSign has a proven reputation. In another post, we discussed how DocuSign is a fairly expensive option if you only need a few signatures a year. Depending on your esignature needs, DocuSign is a valid option, but it isn’t the only choice. There is […]

Electronic Signatures for Lease Agreements

Tradition (some call it routine) plays a large role in how we do things even if it’s not an efficient process. While change can be difficult, it can also be highly rewarding to the point that we tell ourselves later, “Self, why didn’t I make that change earlier? My life would have been so much […]

The Best Electronic Signature Software

The ability to electronically review and sign documents is a huge benefit for all parties involved. The elimination of paper and printers and the time savings with document delivery are just a few of the many benefits. Federally compliant esignatures are valid and legally binding, and they are treated similarly to how a paper-based handwritten […]

An Easy and Cheap Esignature Service

When you have documents to sign, an esignature service makes a ton of sense. Anyone can sign at any time, and any where . . . on a phone, tablet, or laptop. Esignatures eliminate printers, paper, and delays. Unfortunately, while there are many esignature services, most are not affordable as many of them (for example, Docusign, Adobe […]