Are Esign Subscription Services Overpriced?

esign subscription services overpriced
Underused esign subscription services are overpriced. Use a flat rate service instead!

Today, more than ever before, we sign up for a lot of subscriptions. Look not further than what we watch. Between Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and countless other streaming services, we are encountering subscription overload. Stop the insanity! Worse, if you end up not watching a service for a month, you have actually paid despite not using the service at all. With esign subscription services, the same thing can happen. It is often all too easy to have an unused esign subscription service, making the service overpriced for you.

The Used Then Forgotten Esign Subscription

‘Use it or Lose It’ goes the old adage. When you first sign up for an esign subscription service like Docusign, you may use it quite a bit. However, your business needs may be seasonal. Soon, you are paying for an overpriced service that you rarely use for parts of the year.

Use a Flat Rate Esign Service Instead of a Subscription

Did you know that there are flat rate esign services instead? These services charge per esignature. If there are months during the year when you do not use this service, you are not charged anything. eSignToday (sign up at is one such service. It charges $0.50/esignature. You pay for just what you use. Pricing is simple, flat rate, and fair.