Cheap Electronic Signature Software – Save Money & Paper

Users of cheap electronic signature software save money and paper.

Paper has traditionally played a large presence in our lives. Reports, research, and contracts consume quite a bit of paper at the office. At home, we see piles of paper clutter countertops in the form of mail, newspapers, and homework. With technology today, we really don’t need paper. Reducing our dependency on paper is a good thing. For example, money in the form of cash or checks is paper. The growing use of credit and debit cards is reducing our reliance on paper currency making purchases faster and easier especially in the online world. No different is the world of electronic signatures. This technology is transforming document signing. And cheap electronic signature software is a two fold benefit saving us money and paper.

Saving Paper

Electronic signatures eliminate paper because there is no need to print the document to get a signature. Because the document resides in an electronic format, the storage of the completed document is now electronic and stored in the cloud or on a device like a smartphone or computer.

Saving Money

There are a lot of electronic signature software to choose from. They vary on price and complexity. For example, eSignToday is a cheap electronic signature software that will save you money. It does not charge a monthly fee. Signatures are $0.50 each, and you pay for each signature. Once you start using electronic signature software, you’re on your way to going paperless!