Eliminate Clutter and Simplify with Electronic Signatures

Simplify with Electronic Signatures
Electronic signatures eliminate paper and printers and help simplify.

A variety of documents requires signatures. Sometimes you have to sign a form to receive a package. Some documents can be lengthy and require a lot of signatures on things like a mortgage or lease agreement. Electronic signatures are a convenient way to sign documents. In many cases, you can sign remotely thus saving you time and money. At a minimum, you eliminate the time and expense associated with driving to and from a meeting. In addition to these savings, you can also simplify with electronic signatures and declutter.

Eliminate Paper

Electronic signatures eliminate paper. The physical collection of paper can be overwhelming. And with paper, you need a place to store it. You can use a filing cabinet or another piece of furniture for paper storage. You can also just take up space in your house just to stack the paper.

Paper Needs

With paper may come a printer. Printers take up space and have other requirements. For example, printers require paper and rely on ink. This means you need to carry an inventory of paper and ink for when your printer runs out of either. And if your printer stops working, you have to figure out a fix.

While paper is familiar and thus comfortable, it is clutter. You can simplify with electronic signatures because esignatures eliminate paper. When you rid of paper, you also rid of printers and storage units. And over time, paper and ink can deteriorate making documents harder to read. There are many esignature services available. Some as simple and cheap as eSignToday to more complex ones like RightSignature serve different needs. Both, however, eliminate clutter and simplify with electronic signatures.