How to Esign a Word Document

You can esign Microsoft Word documents easily
You can esign Microsoft Word documents easily.

Microsoft Word has long been the world’s most popular word processor. Businesses and individuals have drawn up countless contracts with Word. But, how do you esign a Word document?

Word Does Not Have Built In Esignatures

Microsoft Word does not have built-in esignatures. Microsoft Word was first released in 1983, and – while it has been refined vastly over the decades – it predates the recent popularity of esignatures.

It is Easy to Esign a Word Document

Though Word itself doesn’t support esignatures, it is super easy to get your Word document esigned. The key is to use an online esignature service. You might be surprised by how easy and inexpensive these services are.

Often the process is two steps:

  1. Upload your Word document
  2. List the email addresses of everyone who needs to sign

While there are many esignature services that allow you to esign Word documents – such as DocuSign and Adobe Sign – one of the least expensive is eSignToday. eSignToday just charges a flat rate of $0.50/esignature with no monthly fee. In contract, DocuSign charges $10/mo or more whether or not you use the service in a particular month.

Microsoft Word has always been a great tool for creating contracts. Using Microsoft Word to esign documents is cheaper and easier than you think.