Simple and Effective Electronic Signature Software

Simple Electronic Signature
eSignToday is easy to use esignature software.

The use of electronic signatures is becoming increasingly popular in today‚Äôs digital world. Electronic signatures (also known as esignatures) eliminate the need for physical signatures and paper and thus can save everyone time and money. It is electronic signature software that enables the ability to sign digitally. The word “software” can be intimidating especially if you are not comfortable with the use of technology whether it be in a tangible or intangible form. Most of the time simple is better. So when you have simple and effective electronic signature software, then life is good.

There is a lot of choice among electronic signature software. The best solution is the one that fits your needs. Some only enable signatures while others can integrate with other software such as customer relationship management systems, making it easier to manage customer relationships and documents. For example, RightSignature is a popular electronic signature solution for businesses. Many real estate and accounting firms use RightSignature to integrate the electronic signature component with their documents requiring signature. Some are expensive and require a monthly subscription while others are pay as you need with no subscription obligation. ESignToday is a good example of simple and effective electronic signature software. At just $0.50 for each esignature, eSignToday enables businesses and individuals to show electronic signatures on the last page of their own documents.