Electronic Signature Pricing

Electronic Signature Pricing
Electronic signature pricing can be based on a monthly subscription or flat rate.

Electronic signatures are also know as esignatures. They are the solution for fast and easy signing because they eliminate delays and enable anyone to sign while on the move. People can sign on a phone, tablet, or laptop.  Esignatures are also environmentally friendly as they eliminate printers and paper. There is a lot of different esignature software to choose from, and they can vary based on things like ease of use and electronic signature pricing.

Monthly Subscription

Most of the esignature software requires a monthly subscription. For example, DocuSign starts at $10 per month for a single user and limits the number of documents for signage to five per month. Another popular service is Adobe. It’s electronic signature pricing is also based on a monthly subscription. If you need a lot of esignatures on a regular basis, then a monthly subscription may work for you.

Flat Rate

In addition to a monthly subscription, electronic signature pricing can also be found as a flat rate. With a flat rate, you only pay for each esignature you need. If there are months during the year when you do not use this service, you are not charged anything. eSignToday is a flat rate electronic signature service. It charges $0.50/esignature. Pricing is one simple flat rate. eSignToday is available to anyone who needs a document signed.