Going Paperless with Esignature Service

Going paperless with esignature service
Take small steps and start going paperless with an esignature service.

Whether we are at home or the office, paper has traditionally played a large presence in our lives. At the office, reports, research, and contracts, for example, consume quite a bit of paper. At home, we see paper clutter countertops in the forms of mail, newspapers, and homework. There are a lot of benefits to going paperless, but change is not easy. Taking small steps makes change easier and longer lasting. Something as simple as using an esignature service for all of your signing needs will be a great first step in going paperless!

Documents to Sign

We don’t realize how often we sign documents until we have to think about it. At work, we are frequently signing letters and contracts. If you’re a parent, then you’re probably signing permission slips or other child-related paperwork. And if you run a small business, like a kayaking rental shop, you are probably having your customers sign forms like waivers. The selection of documents that need signatures are endless. With all of the documents to sign, you now have to figure out how to store them if you want to keep copies. Paper takes up space and can be a burden. We want to free up the clutter.

Esignature Service to the Rescue

Esignature services are the solution for your signing and storage needs. They eliminate paper, so you don’t have to think about storage as your signed documents are stored in the cloud or on your phone or computer. You can email your documents for signature and get them signed quickly on a phone while on the move. Signing up with an esignature service is a very easy first step to going paperless. Depending on your signing needs, you can pay a monthly subscription with a service like DocuSign or pay a flat fee per signature with a service like eSignToday.

There are a lot of esignature services to choose from so take a gander and find the one that best fits your needs. Once you start using one, you’re on your way to going paperless!