eSignToday is a Top Choice for Electronic Signatures

eSignToday for electronic signatures
eSignToday is a top choice for electronic signatures because of its affordability and simplicity.

As we’ve addressed in our blog, there is a lot of choice among electronic signature software. Finding the right solution for you can take time as each one is unique. We want to save you some time, so we will address the uniqueness of eSignToday for your esignature needs: Affordability and Simplicity!

eSignToday is Affordable (aka Cheap)

As you research various electronic signature software, you will quickly realize how eSignToday’s pricing is one of the few if not the only one where pricing is on a flat fee basis. Other electronic signature software like DocuSign or PandaDoc charge you based on a monthly subscription. Many times, you end up paying much more than your esigning needs require because of the monthly subscription obligation. DocuSign’s pricing for real estate starts at $10 per month for a single user, so you’re already having to pay at least $120 a year. There are no monthly subscriptions with eSignToday. You only pay $0.50 for each signature you need. That’s it. Yes, it really is that cheap.

eSignToday is Simple (aka Easy to use)

eSignToday is not laced with bells and whistles, which can be confusing, overkill, and complicated. Instead, eSignToday’s focus is strictly on getting esignatures on your document. Most other electronic signature software, like RightSignature, requires you to “drag and drop” fields throughout your document where the signer needs to complete, like date and name. With eSignToday, you simply upload your own document, which can be a PDF, Google Docs, or a Microsoft Word file. Then, you list the email addresses of those who need to sign the document, and then you send it off. In turn, eSignToday will put all of the signatures you need on the last page of your document. That’s it. Yes, it really is that simple and easy to use.

In addressing eSignToday’s unique qualities of affordability and simplicity, we hope we have saved you some time when considering which electronic signature software to use. Setting up an account with eSignToday is easy and free, so we encourage you to try it out for your esignature needs!