Why Small Landlords Should Not Esign Leases with Docusign

Docusign is one of the most popular services out there for esignatures. But, for small landlords, esigning leases using Docusign has a huge problem that is hard to overlook: a high price which is even worse than you think the more you do the math.

Esignatures Make Sense

It makes a lot of sense to esign a lease – it is safe, convenient, and way faster than dealing with paper, printers, and stamps. However, for the large number of small landlords who have one to ten properties, Docusign is expensive.

Docusign is Pricey

  1. A landlord is likely to do either a new lease or lease extension for every property they have yearly. So, for a small landlord with five units, that is five leases or extensions per year.
  2. Docusign’s pricing for real estate starts at $10 per month for a single user and is limited to 5 documents per month! If you need something more (let’s say one month per year you do more than five leases), the plan price doubles to $20 per month. So, a Docusign plan for a small landlord will be at least $120 per year, and sometimes $240/year.
  3. For a landlord who has five leases or lease extensions to esign per year, the cost per esigned document works out to $24 per document on Docusign’s least expensive plan ($120/5). That is incredibly expensive!

While Docusign is pricey, there is no reason a small landlord should be denied the benefits of esignatures – such as the ability for roommates to sign a lease document on their smartphones and without the need for a printer.

eSignToday is an Affordable Lease Signing Solution

eSignToday brings the advantages of esigning leases and lease extensions to small landlords at a reasonable flat rate price. With eSignToday there is NEVER a monthly fee. Just pay a flat $0.50/esignature. If you and your tenants esign five leases or lease extensions with eSignToday, the price is around $5/yr (you and your tenant esign 5 online documents … which is 2 x 5 x $0.50/esignature) versus Docusign’s $120/yr – a savings of $115/yr!

Set up up an account at eSignToday.com and enjoy an affordable esignature service that is priced perfectly for small landlords and their leasing needs. With eSignToday, you’ll save year in and year out over Docusign.